Our meetings are held twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Fridays.  Usually our meetings are closed, which means only members of Job’s Daughters, their parents, step-parents, grandparents or guardians, Master Masons in good standing or women at least 20 years of age who are related to a Master Mason may attend. All of our meetings follow the form in our Ritual, which is based on Robert’s Rules for Organizations, the standard procedure in most organizations.  All members quickly become very familiar with its contents. Everything you need to know about us is contained in that little book. We also have our own bylaws, which is how we are governed. Every Bethel follows the same ritual and the same bylaws so no matter where you might visit, it is the same. This also makes you feel good knowing what to expect each time you attend a meeting.






 The IOJD is a premier organization for young women that provides a wholesome environment based on the foundation of high morals, love of country, love of family and friends and respect for others throughout the world. It is a living organization dedicated to meeting the needs of young women today and their challenges of tomorrow. It is a quality organization that fosters a sense of pride in achievement for each and all members as they prepare to become the adult leaders of the future.













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August 2010

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Information used from the Prospective Member Ceremony created by Mom Nancy Saggio, PGG, PGBG, RP, and from the Supreme Guardian Council, IOJD website

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